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 Broadcast News/Videos

NPR interviews writer of Newsweek investigation of colleges' handling of students open about their mental illness.  Often they get kicked out.
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New emergency room pods designed for mental health treatments.
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NPR focuses on black women's access to mental health care in light of shooting death of woman near nation's Capitol.
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Article details many pop stars' bipolar and concludes with video concisely explaining the disorder.
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Caffiene withdrawal included as possible mental illness in new diagnostic manual.
See Fox News report

President Obama urges bringing mental disorders out the shadows so more people will seek treatment.
See NBC report

NBC interviews two psychiatrists about the controversial new
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"Mood Watch" app, an idea hatched by a patient with bipolar disorder, offers simplified way of identifying episode triggers.
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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and no better time to address the stigmas.
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Catherine Zeta-Jones "proactively" checks into facility to treat her bipolar disorder.
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Las Vegas psychiatric hospital could lose U.S. money for improperly discharging patients.
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Panel and psychiatrist discuss the problem of stereotyping the mentally ill in dealing with mass shootings.
Watch MSNBC report

People with mental disorders vent their anger over slashings of mental healthcare budgets.
Listen to CNN Radio story

Suspect in the killing of a West Virginia sheriff was able to buy a handgun despite having been released from a mental institution 10 months earlier.
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Reporter tells about her struggles with major depression and anxiety in interview on NPR's "Here and Now."
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Outrageous pricing and profits threaten to destroy health care system. See TIME video.

Unlikely drug used to treat fear of harm, a type of bipolar disorder, in children. Listen to interview on NPR's "Morning Edition."

 Doctor takes on myths about

 bipolar disorder and depression.
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PBS report includes interview with woman who wrote "I am Adam Lanzer's Mother," in which she discusses frustrations in dealing with a mentally disturbed child.
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Bipolar disorder is discussed in interview sparked by film star Catherine Zeta Jones' diagnosis.
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Mental Health professionals are saying excessive video gaming may be addiction.
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What's New
We seek items about upcoming events such as lectures, seminars, and guest speakers.  Also, we will post on this "bulletin board" articles about mental health from news media and other websites. Email event info and
news articles of interest to
the news contact: dbsacharlotte@gmail.com

News Articles and Blogs

A Third of Beds at New Davidson
Hospital Empty; Lack of Personnel

While demand for services is high, mental health facilities find psychiatrists in short
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Recent Advances in the Treatment
of Bipolar Disorder are Discussed

This article touches on the research and will link you to The Harvard Review of Psychiatry for in-depth looks.
See article

Science Daily has roundup
of mental health news

See website

So Does Medical News Today
See website

Check Psych Central for Daily News

Besides news, site has broad array of articles on depression and bipolar disorder.
See site

Davidson Mental Health Center Given
$3 Million From Charlotte Family

New hospital is renamed Mindy Ellen Levine Behavioral Health Center in recognition of
the donation.
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Obama Vows Better Mental Health
Care for Veterans in Charlotte Speech

Veterans Affairs has been under fire for delays in health care for veterans.
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Smoking Banned at All NC
Mental Health Facilities

In the past, doctors had seen smoking as a way to soothe some patients, 41 percent of whom smoked. Some had even stared the habit in a psychiatric hospital.
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Seven Criteria Help Re-Diagnose
Depression as Bipolar Disorder

Predictive factors that indicate bipolar disorder were found in 30 percent of patients initially being treated for depression.
See article

Study Shows Taking Antipsychotics
During Pregnancy Can Affect Babies

Most babies were born healthy, but some were premature or had  respiratory or withdrawal problems, but the good news is that no congenital abnormalities were found.
It's recommended that the danger of not taking drug be weighed against potential problems at birth, which can be successfully treated in Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Special Care Nurseries.
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In-Depth Newspaper Series Explores
Thorny Issues in Mental Health Care

Finding and paying for a professional, family members' burdens as care-givers, and the importance of stable housing to avoid jail or the streets -- all and more are discussed.
See article

PsychCentral Lists Top 25 Drugs
Used to Treat Mental Disorders

Ranks also are compared to usage levels in previous years.  See which ones are gaining
in popularity.
See article

TVand Film Can Help Reduce
the Stigma of Mental Disorders

A number of shows and movies are singled out as showing children and others with disorders in a positive light.
See article 

Mental Health Advocates Rally
at S.C. Capitol to Fight Stigma

Many wear green clothes and ribbons, the color of Mental Health Awareness Month.
Better care for youth a major concern.
See story

Columnist Lists 10 Things a Day
She Does to Ease Depression

She likens her regimen to putting on armor
for the daily battle against her disorder.
See column

Feelings of Depression and Anxiety
Can Be Due to Underactive Thyroid

Blogger discusses the symptoms that low thyroid levels can produce.
See blog

Mental Health Professionals Consider
Possible Benefits of E-Cigarettes

It's been known for some time nicotine can help alliviate some symptoms, but the morbid consequences of smoking had to be considered.  E-cigarettes may be helpful on closed wards, some say.
See article

Five Ways to Improve Your Mood
at Work Take Little Time, Effort

These won't replace your therapy and meds but can help make the workday less stressful.
See article

Are You in the Mood This May
for Mental Health Month?

Blogger is downright cheerful and explores the difference between our unbalanced-chemical moods and just plain old moods. Her diagnostic tool is to dance.  But you might try other things.
See blog

Congress to Hear Testimony Today,
Thursday, on Mental Health Bill

The bill, Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, has already prompted some changes in care, but many groups are split over its entirety.
See article

Eating Like Your Grandmother Did
May Help Ease Your Depression

That means easing up on fast food or tofu and salad and eating more traditional foods.  Now all you need is your grandmother to prepare it for you, right?
See article

Stem Cell Research Findings
May Aid Bipolar Treatment

This study represents the first time researchers have directly measured differences in brain cell formation and function between individuals with and without bipolar disorder.
See article

Swiss Resume Research
into LSD-assisted Therapy

Psychedelic drug found to help quell end-of-life anxiety in patients in study.
See blog

Mental Health Hospitalizations
Increase for Children

Numbers jump 24 percent between 2007 and 2010, with one in 10 children being treated as in-patients.
See article

Two New Gene Regions Discovered
That Connect to Bipolar Disorder

Findings may help to better diagnose and treat the illness, researchers say.
See article

So, Your're Bipolar,  Why Ain't You
Famous?  Article Scratches Surface

For people before there was such a diagnosis,
their recorded behaviors led to modern guesses.
But the modern folks share your diagnosis.
See article 

Army's Psychiatric Programs Fall
Short for Multiply Deployed Soldiers

One-size-fits-all for mental resilience
shows little effect in reducing the psychological ravages of Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
See article

Quitting Smoking Can Improve
Mental Health, Study Suggests

Depression, anxiety and stress decrease while positive feelings elevate.
See article

Three Tlimes More Mentally Ill
in Jail, Prison Than in Hospitals

The largest "mental health center" in America is a huge compound in Chicago housing thousands of people suffering from manias, psychoses and other disorders behind high barbed-wire fences. 
See NY Times op-ed piece

CNN Mental Health Expert Answers
Two Questions About Anxiety

The first one deals with using marijuana or alcohol to treat it (possibly, with lots of strong warnings), and the second asks if there are ways to treat it without any medications at all. Psychotherapy works best of all, he says;
See article

Latuda is a New Option to Treat
Mania-at-Risk Bipolar Depression

However, there is no generic yet, so it's expensive unless you can qualify for special pricing program.
See article.

Article Details New Rules
on Mental Health Coverage

The insured need to take time to understand
their plans so they can raise questions if they
believe they are not being covered adequately, consumer advocate says.
See article

Mentally Ill Are More Likely
To Smoke, Drink, Do Drugs

The habits cause them to die 12-15 years earlier than the general population from diseases such as cancer and heart trouble.
See article

What are the Most Popular Types
of Psychotherapy? Guide Lists Them

Some of these have not been discussed much by DBSA-Charlotte, if at all.  Maybe we can find out if they are offtered locally.
See article

$100 Million Called Good Start
But a Drop in the Bucket

Federal funds recently allotted for mental health treatment pale in comparison to
the gutting of facilities' budgets over the years.
See article

U.S. Releases $50 Million to Help
Local Centers Serve Mentally Ill

The money was made available by the Affordable Care Act.
See article

Nearly Half of Psychiatrists
Don't Accept Insurance

Reimbursements are "vastly inferior" compared to those for other physicians, but new laws my help remedy that.
See article

Singing in a Choir is Found
To Be Good for Mental Health

While other group activities are beneficial,
moving and breathing in sync with other people is tops.
See article

A Collection of Mental Health
Stories from the New York Times

Stories are from October and November editions
See articles

New Rules To Put Teeth
into Mental Health Parity

The 2008 Mental Health Equity Law has not fully moved care providers and insurers to put disorders on same level as physical illnesses,
but new rules announced Friday will remedy that, federal health official says.
See article

Film About Mariel Hemingway
Explores Legacy of Mental Illness

People must be willing to talk about suicide
and mental disorders, says granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, who among a number of people in his family took their own lives.
See interview

Smoking Shortens Mentally Ill
People's Lives by 25 Years

Complications from the habit -- heart disease, lung disease and cancer -- are the causes of premature deaths.
See article 

Former Mental Hospital Patients
Become Activists, Police System

Mexicans with cameras, recorders, paper and pens inspect facilities among the worst in the Americas. Torture and other inhumane treatment have been found in Mexican hospitals.  Long-promised reform has been slow in coming.
See NY Times article

Communities Drop Ball in 50 Years

Since JFK's Mental Care Health Act

The 1963 legislation was designed to move mental health care out into communities instead of overcrowded and restrictive mental hospitals. Advocates hope new developments will mean better overall care.
See article

Use of Digital Technology Blamed
For 8 New Mental Health Disorders

One, Nomophobia, has its own treatment center in California and a place in the Diagnostic and Statistical Menual. But then what doesn't?
See article

It's Not Easy Being Green: NFL Star
Is Fined for "Mental Health" Shoes

Just about everybody else was wearing pink at Thursday's game, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but Chicago Bears' Brandon Marshall, who has borderline personality disorder, wore green for Mental Health Awareness Week.
See article

Affordable Health Care Act To Give
32 Million Mental Health Services

Small group and individual plans will have to offer coverage, plus, in all plans, parity will be required for equal treatment of mental and physical illnesses. Also pre-existing conditiions must be covered. There are other ways, too, that the Act will help.
See article

Steps Offered for Couples to Lessen
Disorders' Strains on Relationships

Steps include compassion, couples' therapy. play time and avoiding maladaptive habits such as projective identification.
See article

UN Stresses Better Care for Aging
on World Mental Health Day, 10/10

Older people often subject to abuse and mistreatment that affect their emotional
well-being, spokesman says.
See article

It's Time to Treat Mental Illness
as Health Epidemic that It Is

Disorders must be treated for sufferers to get better.
See blog

Some TV Shows Starting to Depict
Mental Disorders More Accurately

For instance, bipolar on some shows is seen
as being more than simply happy or sad behavior.
See TIME article

Many with Mental Illness Reluctant
to Tell Family, Friends, Co-Workers

New York City launches public service program aimed at stigmas and getting people to listen to those who suffer.  But for now only 13 percent of people with mental disorders are willing to tell co-workers, 43 percent to tell friends and 61 percent to tell family members.
See article

Some Who Profess Better Treatment
for Mental Illness Have Devastated It

Again, in the wake of the Navy yard shootings this time, those who want to keep guns out of proposed solutions, are those who urge committing the mentally ill but have slashed spending for such health care..
See opinion piece

Obamacare Will Cover Mental Illness
With Same Benefits as Physical

The Affordable Care Act will go into effect in January. "I think recovery will improve because more people will be getting the health they need," a mental health official says.

Being Nonadherent to Meds a Risk
for Residual Depression in Bipolar

Researchers suggest mindfulness-base cognitive therapy to help in such cases.
See article

Men Tend Toward Manic Phase
Women Toward Depression in Bipolar

Tendency can make disorder harder to diagnose in women where depression manifests first.
See article

Diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder
Skyrocket from 2006 to 2011

However, there is global debate on whether the condition is being diagnosed properly.
See article

Light Drinking of Wine May Help
Ward Off Depression, Study Says

Subjects that showed such an effect drank from two to seven small glasses a week.
See article

Mental Disorders, Substance Abuse
Leading Causes of Nonfatal Illnesses

Heroin, Amphetamines, Cocaine and Cannabis
were illegal substances studied.  Study notes that alcohol and smoking still the major cause of illnesses.
See article

Psychedelics Found to Possibly Help
Rather Than Harm Mental Health

Norwegian researchers use data from a  U.S. survey to say LSD, magic mushrooms or peyote might cause deep, meaningful experiences rather than harm a user's psyche.
See article

Researcher Using MRI to Distinguish
"Biomarker" for Depression, Bipolar

Technique could shorten time to make diagnoses, which now can range from six to ten years.
See article

Scientists Find Genetic Link
Between Five Mental Disorders

Discovery could lead to being able to see
predispositions for the disorders and aid
in treatment.
See article

Grandparents, Adult Grandchildren
Good for Each Other's Mental Health

The same holds for extended families of any type, with generations more numerous now as people live longer, researchers say.
See article

"Over-Educated" Employees Prone
to Depression, European Study Says

Having less status and prestige than their education should merit is part of the problem.
Not being challenged by a job too simple for their level of education is another.
See article

Spending Time at the Beach
Gives Busy Mom New Perspective

It's the little things, like glimpsing the tide come in or eating on paper plates, that make the difference.
See tongue in cheek

High School Students Learn How
to Help Themselves and Others

Special program on mental disorders is presented by health care professionals.
See article

Teaching Kids about Mental Health 
in Middle School Could Be Helpful

Students could learn how to deal with possible symptoms in themselves or others.
See blog

10 Things to Say to a Loved One
Who is Struggling with Depression

Last but not least is to show him you will be
there for him and say nothing at all.
See article

Poor Mental Health Is Believed
to Complicate Non-Psychic Illnesses

Academics and clinicians discuss the connections at conference.
See article

Literature, Theater, Art Can Help Us
Better Understand Emotional Pain

The answer to all psychic problems is not a pill therapist argues.
See article

Mental Health Professionals Say
Anthony Weiner Has Sex Addiction

Former legislator who sends explicit texts may need assistant to help him handle Web interactions, psychologist says.
See article

Is Sexual Addiction Real Disorder
Or Just Highly Developed Libido?

Study says brain chemistry is not to blame.
See article 

Bipolar Disorder More Complicated
Than Just "Manic Depression"

Article offers a guide to the many varieties of disorders called bipolar.
See article

Food Rich in B Vitamins Helpful
for Controlling Bipolar Disorder

Blogger offers list of foods for each B vitamin and
the effects they have.
See blog

Lurasidone Found Effective to Use
for Depressive Phase of Bipolar I

Study says drug can be used by itself or in conjunction with lithium or valproate to treat depression in a Bipolar l, in which such treatment is currently difficult and in much demand.
See article

Baking Helps Emotions to Rise;
Taking Goods to Groups Is Merry

It's not just savoring the taste and smells of homemade baked goods, but the process itself -- measuring, blending, whipping, kneading -- that chases the blues away.  Praise from members of your support group also will raise your self-esteem as sure as the yeast raises your dough.
See article

Brain Stimulation at Any Age Helps
Keep Memory from Deteriorating

It's not all chess and sudoku, critical reading and movie watching also help.
See USAToday article

Greek Philosophy Teaches Us
To Deal with Depression, Anxiety

It has greatly influenced highly successful
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but it has much more to teach the modern world: not only how to improve ourselves, but society as well. 
See in-depth, highly readable article

Ten Small Steps Taken Today May
Keep Your Bipolar Disorder at Bay

Managing manic depression can seem overwhelming at times, but these important actions and awarenesses probably can help.
See article

Caregivers to Mentally Disabled
Need Support to Avoid Own Illness

Report says daily stress, having to stay home from work can cause real problems for caregivers.
See article

Four Little Things to Do When
Depression Seems Too Much

They aren't a miracle cure but simple things that can go a long way.
See blog

Alheimer's Drug Memantine Found
Useful in Treating Parts of Bipolar

Trials show improvement in cognitive dysfunction when disorder is in stable state, which could assistant cognitive therapies,
See article

Sip Some Mellow Yellow! Banana Tea
Is Among 20 Tips To Improve Mood

Boil some banana peel and drink it to raise seratonin, the happy hormone, tipster says. Nineteen other shortcuts to better mental health are more mainstream.
See article

Tips on Cutting Down on Stress,
a Big Source of Depression, Anxiety

Getting good sleep is one tip, but did you know you are supposed to use those sleep aids only temporarily to restore circadian rhythms?
See article

Bullying by Sibling Emotionally Scars
Although It Is Sometimes Dismissed

In study, kids who had experienced aggression at the hands of a sibling reported more mental health distress.
See story

Antipsychotics Have Adverse Effects
on Youths but Increasingly Prescribed

Significant weight gain, increased rates of blood sugar and cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and premature cardiovascular mortality are found in study to be associated with their use in children. Yet, use of these medications with youth has skyrocketed between 1996 and 2011.
See story

Follow-Up Phone Calls Help Bipolar
Patients Following Suicide Attempts

Often the suicide attempt is forgotten in follow-up therapy, but calls for 12 months after release from the hospital are found effective in study.
See article

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
May Work for Bipolar Depression

TMS has been studied mainly for major depressive disorder but a new small study finds that the technique shows promise for highly treatment-resistant bipolar depression.
See article

No Joke, Therapeutic Laughter
Is Becoming a Growth Industry

Not just chuckles, but deep belly shaking laughter is being used to treat all kinds of ailments.  Some entrepreneurs are laughing all the way to the bank.
See story

Rates of Mood Disorders Decrease
As People Get Older, Study Finds

But researchers note that families and health care providers should be vigilant so seniors get the care they need.
See article

Treatments for Mental and Physical
Conditions Becoming Coordinated

There are both health and financial benefits in having general practitioners and therapists and psychiatrists work as a team. Conditions can be diagnosed earlier and insurance benefits can be better handled.
See Los Angeles Times story

MRI Brain Scans Found Effective
for Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder

One of the most difficult of mental illnesses to diagnose, it shows up in brain images most of the time, new research shows.
See PsychCentral article

Three Keys to Avoiding Relapse
Into Depression are Explored

Triggers to watch out for are getting sloppy with your treatment, ruminating and not knowing your personal vulnerabilities. Navigation tips are offered.
See PsychCentral blog

Pill To Raise Women's Sexual Desire
Poses Some Mental Health Questions

Lybrido, now in clinical tests, might treat low interest in sex without treating the underlying psychological causes. Also, could it heighten interest to the point of being reckless, as in some manias? Unlike Viagra and other drugs treating erectile disfunction in men, a physical problem, Lybrido affects the brain.
See article

Study Suggests Antidepressants
Not Effective for Bipolar Disorder

Hospital readmissions in the study were the same for patients taking the drugs and those who were taking only mood stabilizers. One antidepressant, venlafaxine, was found to triple the readmission rate.
See story

Survey Says Pharmacists Should Take
Greater Role in Mental Health Care

Safety and compliance with medications are two reasons cited by mental health advocates and pharmacists. Privacy is biggest obstacle.
See article


Ten Ways to Find a Good Therapist;
Hint, Craigslist is Not One of Them

There are many ways you may not have thought of. And there are some that may have seemed too obvious.
See PsychCentral blog

Early Intervention Key to Success
for Youths in Overcoming Disorders

Program director says up to 85% of those getting early intense treatments get better and go back to their families,school or work.
See article

So-Called "Crazy" Zelda Was a Key
to F. Scott Fitzgerald's Success

Great Gatsby movie renews interest in Zelda's illness. But more important is that her personality was a font of creativity for her husband, blogger argues.
See blog

Middle-Aged Woman with Disorders
Finds Recovery by Going to College

52-year-old woman awarded for her success in overcoming depression, anxiety and agoraphobia by attending school and volunteering.
See story

Talk Therapy Has Powerful Effects
to Physically Improve the Brain

It's no less biological than pills and should be used for serious mental disorders and not just for "the worried well," psychoanalyst insists in letter to the editor in Sunday's NY Times.
See letter

Online Arts and Literary Journal
on Mental Health Debuts from Yale

Initiated by a program within the Yale Department of Psychiatry the initial edition features 90 pages of paintings, drawings, memoirs and poetry by clients in programs, by service providers or by other people producing arts relevant to the issues of mental health.
See article
The Perch has two formats: a double-page (for viewing art) and single-page (for reading). Click on page icons at the top (they have little dog-ears) to switch back and forth. Type size also can be controlled on the double-page with the wheel on your mouse.
See magazine

Art Presentation Shows Many Ways
Mental Illness Depicted in History

Scientific American's "Brief History" includes numerous works as well as text. It is part of a gallery from the recent national meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.
See blog

American Psychiatry is Accused
of Doing the Bidding of Big Pharma

Author of
Hippocrates Cried: The Decline of American Psychiatry says the lowering of diagnostic thresholds in new manual will result in more unnecessary drug sales by companies that already shower doctors with money.
See Oxford University Press blog

Six Tips for Saving Marriages Made
Fragile by Depression, Bipolar Illness

The statistics on failures may be grim, but woman whose union has survived describes steps she has taken to keep hers intact.
See PsycCentral article

New DSM-5 Could Affect Diagnoses
of PTSD for Veterans' Disability

Changes to the Diagnostic and Statitstics Manual may make the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis easier, but when or if they will be used in the process is yet to be determined.
See TIME article

Experts Offer Four Keys Ways
to Managing Bipolar Disorder

Discussed are medication, lifestyle management, social interaction and psychotherapy.
See PsychCentral article

Substance Abuse Programs Helping
Teens, Young Adults, SAMHSA Says

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration official says mentally ill participants in the programs have made significant gains in health, skills, employment and education.
See UPI story

How to Deal With a Family Member
or Friend with Bipolar Disorder

A mental-health medical director offers detailed advice about helping.  The first step, he says, is what not to do.
See Huffington Post blog

Nine Things Not to Say To Someone
Who Has a Mental Health Disorder

This could be a good list to save and give to insensitive friends, family members or co-workers. Some helpful things to say are also offered.
See PsychCentral blog

Reconciling Your Many Selves Needs
To Be Big Part of Bipolar Recovery

Psychiatry is just beginning to address patients' sense of self, woman writes in memoir of dealing with the disorder.  Having recovered, she is inviting all her reconciled selves to her 60th birthday party: the manic self that gets her in trouble, the stable self that must do the explaining and apologizing, the depressed self that suffers.
See N.Y. Times Magazine piece

Shelve the Diagnostic Mishmash, Go
Back to Studying Manic Depression

In these times of Bipolar 1, 2, 3, 3.5 etcetera, we need to turn to memoirs by people with the disorder and see how to study the details of individuals' pasts, author writes: It's not just a biochemical aberration.
See book review in The Guardian

Study Finds Expressed Belief in God
Helps Treatment of Depression

Strong believers twice as likely to benefit more quickly in study of 159 patients.
See story 

Soldiers Wrongly Given  Seroquel,
Other Anti-Psychotics to treat PTSD

Sedation is not a desired effect but an adverse side effect, psychiatrists say The drugs are designed for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder not for most cases of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or depression.  Some soldiers report severe sedation after taking Seroquel.
See story

Tests Reveal Differences of Brain
Activity in Children with Bipolar

Results may help to diagnose the disorder more accurately and earlier, research suggests.
See blog

If First Med You Try for Depression
Doesn't Work, Try, Try Again

About 40 to 50% of people don't respond to the first anti-depressant they're prescribed. But there is hope because most people who stick to treatment get better.
See blog

 Governments Place Huge New Bets
on the Future of Neuroscience Tests

Initiatives like Obama's BRAIN (Brain Research Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) may impact treatment of brains disorders at a time when drug companies, with dramatically falling profits, are having a hard time coming up with really new medicines and retreat from the field. But the brain research is unlikely to affect treatment anytime soon. Meanwhile, the suffering and economic costs of mental illness continue to soar.
See story

Some People with Gene Mutation
Might Be Predisposed to Bipolar

Findings suggest that people with the mutation
may be treated with existing drugs not currently used for bipolar disorder.
See health item

Charleston, S.C. Newspaper Runs
Sunday Package on Mental Disorders

Physiological Causes See Story

Depression See Story
Bipolar Disorder See Story
Schizophrenia See Story
Brain Imagery Advances See Story

Cornelius Mother: Reform Rules
for Assisted Living for Mentally Ill

She writes in the Charlotte Observer that it took an 11-year battle to get her son stabilized and urges others to write their government representatives to advocate for changes.
See column

Brain Tissue Study Sheds Light
on How Medications Affect Bipolar

Antipsychotics appear to cause gene activity aftecting cell communication more akin
to that of  people without the disorder.
See article.

Investigative Story Details Drug Firms
"Pushing" Wrong Pills on Children

Off-label use of antipsychotics prevelant, especially for foster kids, magazine says. Girl's horrifying death after being given unapproved meds at a treatment center is cited as just one example.
See full story

Book: Treating Depression Requires
More Than Faith or Psychiatry Alone

"The Catholic Guide to Depression" says it is wrong to advise someone to shun either in getting help. Author says Catholic sacraments, particularly Confession, produce psychological results.
See interview

Misdiagnoses of Bipolar in Children
'Trendy' and Potentially Dangerous 

Psychiatrist say many diagnoses can be actually  "less trendy conditions such as ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)."  Giving children psychotropic drugs "can be harmful or even deadly."
See article

Young Women's Depression May Be
Actually "A Brain-Clock Disorder"

Australian study finds that sleep problems can cause up to a five-fold increase in diagnosed depression,
See article


Brain is 60% Fat, Mostly Omega 3s;
Deficiency Causes Mental Disorders

Nutrition coach says the rest of the body needs fat, too, the good kind. She offers a list of foods, such as nuts, fish and olive oil, among others.
See article

Brain Scan Distinguishes Bipolar
from Borderline Personality Disorder

Critical difference revealed in the way the brain processes emotions in the two often
confused disorders. Although they are similar,
different treatments are required.
See full article

Regular Family Meals are Good
for Teenagers'  Mental Health

Study of 26,000 adolescents finds that the more frequent the meals the better the outcomes.
See full article

Borderline Personality Disorder Often
Mistaken for Bipolar, Counselor Says

While some of the symptoms are siimilar the two disorders are different in their origins and in the treatment required.
See full article Put Bipolar in Search Field

Study Finds Antipsychotic Drugs Not
That Effective for Treating Depression

Risk of side effects -- such as restlessness, sleepiness, weight gain, and  increased cholesterol
 -- may outweigh the benefits.
See full article.

Correct Diagnosis Can Take Years
for Some People with Bipolar

Diagnosed with Bipolar II in her 40s, one woman says she had seen therapists since her college days, and none mentioned bipolar.
See full article

A Number of Strategies Can Help
a Person Deal with Panic Attacks

Deep breathing, relaxation techniques, medication and therapy are among them
See full article.

Keeping Creativity Alive
with Bipolar Disorder

It's not just an old wives' tale.  Scientific studies
show connection is real. See full blog
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         Events, etc.

Upcoming Family-To Family Classes
Being Scheduled By NAMI-Charlotte

For more information, contact Michele Brown
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Every Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

website for details on current and upcoming exhibits at the Randlolph Road and Uptown museums. For maps, directions and parking, click on "Visit" on  top of webpage.

Dual Diagnosis Recovery Group
Every Tuesday at MECKpromise

The support group meets from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at Mecklenburg's Promise, 1041 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, 28205. (980) 321-4021.
Dual Diagnosis is having a substance abuse disorder in addition to another mental health disorder, such as depression or bipolar.
See map
Psychiatry's Diagnostic Manual
Gets Major Update; Due in May

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual,
DSM-5 is first major revsion in 19 years.
Read full article
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